​​​​​​​​​Although this series is aimed for beginners, it is recommended that participants already possess basic drawing fundamentals, such as perspective, composition, line, etc.,

as this is not a drawing course. This series is a commitment, and because seating is limited, the registration fee is therefore, non-refundable. If missing a particular session becomes unavoidable, the instructor/gallery may allow that session to be made up, by the participant, in another/upcoming series (based on seating availability, and at the sole discretion of instructor/gallery).

A materials list is provided below.

MUST HAVE for 1st Watercolor Class! 

AINT: Michaels = Reeves Sets of 12 (Student Grade) for $9.99 up to $16.00  OR a set of 24 at $19.59. I recommend going ONLINE to Michael’s website  (michaels.com) and look SALES ie. Royal Langnickel Zen set with brushes and other goodies for $19.99. Sales there are fleeting, you have to buy quickly! Another good quality student set is Niji 12 tubes for $11.38 (have to buy 2 sets!) OR Niji 18 pc. Set for $13.99. I think they will ship to closest store (not sure) and there are coupons available. 

PAPER: Arches 140lb Cold Press Pad (online @ Cheapjoes.com) 9x12 for 12 sheets for $12 or 10x 14 for $16.45 ---Michaels’s has a  140 lb. Cold Press 10 x 14 PAD (12 sheets) for $28 ( more expensive than online!)

PAPER: BOARD/SUPPORT: You will tape/affix your paper to form the painting surface- Michaels sells Elmer’s ½ inch FoamBoard in 20 x 30 Inch--$7.00 each ( we will cut to fit paper!)- NOTE: I was there 7/15 and they were out- may have to get it online! OR I did see ¼” in packages of 2 and you can tape together to make it sturdy enough.

BRUSHES: Look for watercolor Brushes -Synthetic or Blends of Natural and Synthetic. You will need a #6 or #12 and a 1” – 1 1/2inch flat.  Japanese “Hake” brushes are cheap and great natural bristle brushes for large area washes ( skies, water etc)- Don’t spend a lot- they can be prohibitively expensive. There are some sets at Michael’s which will start you off.  (various prices under $10 or so.)

PALETTE:  Anything that has at least 8 wells and a mixing area. Michael’s has some or they are Online at either Cheapjoes.com or Jerrysartorama.com – less than $15--look for one with a cover if possible.

MISCELLANEOUS: (Stuff from home maybe): 

>Tape-2”  Clear packing tape or 1 inch or wider Masking Tape

>2 Water Containers/Deli containers, big Yogurt containers

>roll Paper Towels

>1 package GLAD Press & Seal wrap

> Stapler ( but I will have one to use)Type your paragraph here.

​​Please Select Which
Art Class You Would Like to Attend:

           Beginner Level Watercolor Winter Series​

Instructor: Evelyn “Susie” Slater

When: Five consecutive Saturdays, beginning January 25th, 2020
Time:   12:00 - 2:30 PM

Fee:     $155.00 per person 

Materials cost:approximately $30.00+ (buy on your own - list provided below)

Recommended Age:16+

Where:Primary Colour Gallery, 183 West State Street, Granby, MA 01033