Catherine Gibbs

Through her paintings, Catherine Gibbs has become attentive to the splendid drama of her everyday world; how light hangs on a tree ​or building, the movement or stillness of water passing under a bridge, the mystery of a tunnel or the grit of a train yard. Motion manifests itself in much of her subject matter, whether it’s arresting a moment of motion or even a feeling in time. She writes “I feel my body of work so far is a metaphor for my life’s journey.”

Catherine Gibbs is an established oil painter. She is involved in the thriving art scene in Easthampton, MA, where her studio is located. Her evocative and vibrant work has been shown extensively in venues in Western Massachusetts, as well as nationally, including Boston, New York, in the South, and Midwest. Along with her painting career, she is a curator, art educator, and graphic arts designer. 

Gibbs received her B.A. in Art from Westfield State University, as well as her Post-baccalaureate Teacher License in Visual Art.